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A Message of Hope...A Ministry of Deliverence
Ladies, it is time to LET Go!  In this issue featuring Dr. Cindy Trimm learn from an Ambassador of God to push you into your next level!  You can't stay where you are.  You can't be content with where you are? When you truly let go you truly understand the power of living an abundant life.  In this issue ladies, learn how to RISE again.  Do you know how valuable you are?
I want to thank everyone for supporting Far Above Rubies Magazine. Many of you know where I started and I never thought this moment would come where God would allow me do Great Exploits. Each person on the cover, I struggled with various obstacles, but with faith I stood and never gave up. I believed one day this publication would open up to the world something great! 

This magazine today has opened up into a network. A network that now reaches US and international.  We have FAR in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Ladies have you ever struggled with fear and anxiety? Have you thought to yourself that you have made too many mistakes for God to extend his favor upon your life? In this issue you will learn steps to grow your faith and remove every hindrance blocking your progress!
It is time to WIN! Having a winning attitude has everything to do with your mindset.  When your mind is made up you are more sensitive to distractions and disturbance.  In this issue you will learn what it means to WIN and WIN BIG! Let God bless every area concerning you!
It is God's desire that we walk in wisdom and understanding.  Sometimes its not about having more but making the right choice.  Learn how to turn your finaces around. Learn how to seek God for yourfurure partner.  Learning how to listen to God is truly a gift we can all benefit from.

Marriage is the first ministry that God gives us.  He loves us and desires our marriages to be blessed.  Learn from First Lady Jayne Mentzer how to balance church, family and career.  You don't have to give up on your personal dreams.  Set boundaries and learn to love and live together with your partner.
Ladies, it is important it is absolutely imperative that we take care of ourselves.  Do you know your purpose? Do you know what you were placed on this earth to do? In this issue ladies we will go back to the basics!  We will refocus our eyes on the Lord as he directs out path!
Losing your job is not the easist thing to endure.  So many things change and the spirit of discouragement will try to rise up.  Ladies, in this issue receive your job loss survival kit.  Learn that God will never leave you and he will perfect everything concerning you.  Do you believe you can overcome all?
Many of us desire to start a business but do we have a plan? Are we ready to handle the necessary challenges? Allison Seymour from Fox 5 encourages us in this issue to believe that we can accomplish and do more despite what it looks like.  Are you living your life in fear? It is time to set yourself free!
It's a new year and with that comes our new resolutions.  Things we want to accomplish and achieve.  Many of us want to lose a few pounds and start new adventures.  Whatever you do ladies, do it in a healthy way.  Don't cheat yourself! In this issue you will learn how to love the unique YOU!
Your BIG DAY is here.  It is your wedding day.  It is your day to shine and be flawless from the inside out.  In this issue learn how to be prepared before your wedding day. Learn what you can do to not bring unnecessary baggage into your new abode.  
Starting a family is one of the biggest joys in a women's life.  However, a lot of things change. Your body, your schedule and your back account.  In this issue, learn how to prepare so you won't have the baby blues.  Also, celebrate with us our daughter contest winner, Morgan Costner
The bible tells us that if we have FAITH the size of a mustard seed that we can move mountains.  Learn the principles of FAITH from none other than First Lady Dr. Bridget Hilliard. Learn how to trust God like never before.  This issue will challenge you and stretch you to take God at his word!
Sometimes the holidays can be so stressful . We are asked to host family dinners, buy gifts and still look flawless.  If not careful we can began to feel overwhelmed and less jolly during the most wonderful time of the year.  In this issue, learn how to simplify your to do list so you can enjoy the holidays!
Ladies, do you realize that Jesus died on the cross for every sin, sickness and disease? God desires us to be healed and to walk in our healing daily.  In this issue learn about how powerful the purified blood of Jesus is.  Learn the power of communion and its benefits.  
One things that we must do as women is come together in unity.  The spirit of jealousy, envy and strife is not God's will for our lives.  He desires that we love one another and that we are truly our Sisters Keeper.  In this issue, learn the power of forgiveness. Learn how to move forward past hurt and pain 
 This is a blessing from God.  Today, I am confident each issue we printed will stand for a thousand years, They will leave a legacy!  They will impact the lives of women forever.  Can you imagine if we join hands together? What impact we will continue to have? Join me ladies, in the FAR Network. 

I want to hear from you.  You know I am open to your ideas.  I am a testimony that someone from Baltimore, MD has now reached the world.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and support!  Love Lady C!
FAR has made history!  This is an exclusive issue featuring our President and First Lady Michelle Obama.  In this issue we will recap the journey to the white house and obstacles they both had to endure. This issue is timeless and a must have in your FAR collection. 
Ladies, NO MORE DRAMA! It is time we dismiss drama in our life. There is too much work for you to do in the body of Christ.  You have to remove yourself from gossip, bad attitudes and unhealthy friendships.  In this issue learn how to declutter.  Learn how to say, "Enough is Enough!"
Seasons change and so must things around us.  Stop feeling like you are stuck in a rut!  Do you ever feel you are at a dead end? In this issue you will learn that you are pregnant on purpose.  If God has to make any adjustments or detours he will!  The question is will you be obedient?
Dreams really do come true.  This is the very first issue of Above Rubies Magazine.  Lady Tarsha Jefferson and Min Carenda Deonne come together to share transparent stories on being a Pastor's Wife and the vision of FAR. Are you living a secret life? May this issue give you the hope to move forward.
Love has a lot of meanings but what is the true definition of love? How do you know when someone truly loves you? What does real love look like? Are you in a loving relationship or a toxic one? In this issue you will discover the power of love and its purpose. 
Ladies, it is time for us to take inventory.  Who has influence over your life? Why do you do the things you do? Why are you so frustrated and irritated? In this issue, you will learn how to take inventory of your personal space. First Lady Trina Jenkins gives us wisdom on how to make it happen.
Any time we hear the word submissive we tend to cringe, but why? There are blessings to submitting to your husband.  Are you a submissive wife? In this issue you will not only learn the power of mentorship but what submissiveness is all about. First Lady Jakes has some great advice.
FAR had the chance to honor one of the most prominent Bishops in the body of Christ.  The wife of the late Bishop GE Patterson open up about her love for her husband and the impact of his ministry.  In this issue learn how God can take pain and turn it into praise.  Do you give thanks to God in all things? If not, learn how
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