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A Message of Hope...A Ministry of Deliverence

The vision of FAR started when Min Carenda was working in North Carolina at BELK. She was sitting at her desk thanking God for the newsletter she had started at her church, but was ready to experience MORE. Later that day she talked to another First Lady, Tarsha Jefferson, and she also expressed her interest in doing something great for God that would encourage women.  That evening Min Carenda prayed and put herself in the Potter's Hands. She stayed there throughout the night while he worked on her heart, pride and emotions.  As she wept, she knew joy was coming in the morning.  As the Lord carried her to the mirror of His reflection she said, "Lord, I am as pretty as a ruby!" And in a still and gentle voice he said, "No daughter, in my reflection, you are FAR Above Rubies!" Beloved, this is how her breaking point became her birthing point and marked the beginning of Above Rubies Magazine. Roy Lesin wrote, "God's creation of you was done with the hands of the Potter, with the eye of a designer, with the skill of a craftsman, with the touch of an artist and with the heart of a Father."
Far Above Rubies magazine has gone through many transitions, challenges, set backs and come backs.  There was a point Min Carenda's life that she almost let FAR go.  She wasn't seeing harvest and several personal changes happened in her life.  She went through a divorce, relocated to another city and had to start all over again.  The printed publication turned into an eZine but she had the love of family and spiritual mothers who believed in her and the vision God had given her. Min Carenda went back on the Potter's Wheel and asked the Lord to breathe on her again.  She asked the Lord to breathe on Above Rubies again and He did just that!  It was a slow process but she started to put words of Faith on Youtube, networking, and re-launched the magazine back into print as FAR Above Rubies on September 10, 2011. Since that date, Min Carenda has not looked back on her failures or fears.  Still today FAR is impacting the life of women.  FAR is still in print and now has evolved into an enterprise.
As Min Carenda leads the Far Above Rubies staff, the magazine has had the opportunity to feature women of inspiration such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Victoria Osteen (First Lady of Lakewood Church) and Serita Jakes (First Lady of the Potter’s House). Far Above Rubies has been highlighted as the Get ‘Em Girls of the week (a division of Simon and Shuster publishing company and On Daily Balance with Kim Jacobs that aired as a Nationally Syndicated Program on The Word Network. Far Above Rubies was also the 2011 recipient of the Black Essence Business Award. One of Far Above Rubies’ future business goals is to start a summer curriculum for youth and young adults who have a passion in developing their writing and entrepreneurial career. Far Enterprises has also launched its yearly “FAR Movement Conference” a time for women to come and be refreshed and motivated to pursue their purpose and dreams.
In constant prayer of the magazine, Min Carenda was in church and she heard the Pastor say, "The Plan is Still On!" He continued to say, "I know we had some challenges, trials and heartache, but the plan is still on!  This is the year of NOW.  She said to herself, "God, how is the plan still on when  I am still in waiting? When I present the magazine to book stores and even churches some of those doors have closed?  How is the plan still on when advertisers and subscribers had declined?" Then she went back to the meaning of FAITH.  That FAITH is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  She began to just thank God in advance that the word she heard from the Pastor that day was a seed planted and if she just had faith the size of a mustard seed FAR would be re-potted over and over again.  She knew God's uncommon favor was still on her life when she had the opportunity to interview Leading Lady Serita Jakes and have the magazine placed in the Potter's House book store.
Far Above Rubies magazine wanted to be more than just words on paper.  Far Above Rubies magazine wanted to be more than the next pretty picture publication.  FAR has a purpose to be the wisdom voice for today's Christian Women.  Lady Carenda knew more had to be done.  So she this year launched a FAR Women's Network to bring a community of women together in business and spirit to excel.  She also launched the 1st Winter Collegiate Pageant for young girls pursuing their education and she launched the FAR Woman of The Year Award highlighting women who have testimonies of victory and triumph.  Lady C has a vision to take FAR International and soon launch FBN the FAR Broadcasting Network.  Min Carenda continues to say, "What great things God has done to bring FAR into a delightful land!" Living Far Above Rubies is truly a lifestyle, and Min Carenda is devoted that women know and live out their authentic purpose daily!
Far Above Rubies has finally evolved into its authentic purpose.  Be a part of this new day.  Be apart of what God is doing.  Look at how FAR....FAR has Come.  A time in past of lowliness, hurt and pain but now God has caused FAR to shine like a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day!  FAR is now in HARVEST season.  It is time for women to join in power and in unity. It is time for women to take back our city, our homes, our unsaved family members, our children, our husbands, our economy and our purpose.  As Min Carenda has said over and over again, "We can no longer be foolish women making unwise decisions." Min Carenda is asking  you to take a stand today! Join the FAR Women's Network, subscribe to the magazine, attend the FAR Conference, join the FAR Prayer movement and be a part of FBN the FAR Broadcasting Network!  Now is the time and this is our call and destiny.  Min Carenda decrees and declares that struggle, failure, disappointment and lack must give way.  We are women  truly living a life FAR ABOVE RUBIES!